Ministry of Economy and Finance

Central Public-Private Partnerships Unit

The Inter-Ministerial Committee

The Inter-ministrial Committee for Steering the Implementation of Policy on Public-Private Partnerships has the following functions and duties:

- Review provisions stipulated in the Law on Concession and other related laws and make amendments as neccessary or propose a new law on Public-Private Partnerships if neccessary

- Prepare sub-decrees, prakas, related legal instruments, operational management procedures for public investment  projects using Public-Private Partnerships mechanism

- Review and approve priority project list and the findings from feasibility studies of those priority projects while piloting Public-Private Partnerships projects

- Consolidate semi-annual and annual reports to be submitted to the Economic and Finance Policy Committee

- Review and approve on neccessary problem-solving measures. For sensitive cases, the cases shall be submitted to the Economic and Finance Policy Committee for decision.