Ministry of Economy and Finance

General Department of Public-Private Partnerships

Law on Public-Private Partnerships

The Law on Public-Private Partnerships adopted by the National Assembly on 25 October 2021 at its 6th plenary session of the 6th mandate, entirely approved by the Senate on its form and legal concepts on 2 November 2021 at its extraordinary session of the 4th mandate... 

Policy Paper on PPP For Public Investment Project Management 2016-2020

The objectives of this Policy Paper  are to promote and encourage investments by private sector and financial institutions to contribute to restoring, building, operating and maintaining public infrastructure...

Official Annoucement of General Department of Public-Private Partnerships

Official Annoucement of General Department of Public-Private Partnerships Website and Facebook Page...

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures for PPP Projects (SOP) contains the policies, guidelines and procedures for the identification, preparation, procurement, implementation and management of public investments carried out under Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

The SOP for the PPP Projects comprises of three Volumes: Volume I: Policies and Procedures; Volume II: Guidelines; and Volume III: Procurement Manual.

The Volume I & II are already put for Inter-Ministrial Committee Meeting Level and The Volume III is being prepared for consultation meeting at Inter-General Department Level.