Ministry of Economy and Finance

General Department of Public-Private Partnerships


Prey Kabas Irrigation Systems

Kandal, Takeo
Irrigation System
Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology
11.4 Million
Phase II: Project Preparation and Appraisal

The Prey Kabas Irrigation Project consists of three adjoining irrigation schemes, covering over 10,000 hectares across Kandal and Takeo provinces. The study has shown that the project can be managed through a PPP model of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) agreement. The private proponent, through the O&M agreement, will be responsible for daily operations and maintenance of the schemes, while the government will continue to own the infrastructure and retain overall responsibility for policy, regulation, and capital investment. This PPP model could increase efficiency and effectiveness in the management of the irrigation schemes, improved water delivery and distribution, and increased agricultural productivity.