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General Department of Public-Private Partnerships

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The Ministry of Economy and Finance shall have a General Department acting as the secretariat in leading and managing the PPP mechanism in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The organization and functioning of this General Department shall set forth in sub-decree.

The General Department of Public-Private Partnership (GDPPP) fulfills its function as the “Etat-Major” and “One-Stop Service” of the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) to review and evaluate PPP project proposals in all phases of the project cycle.

The General Department of Public-Private Partnership (GDPPP) has the following responsibilities:

  • Provide recommendations on the development of policy for the PPP mechanism, and lead  the preparation of regulations, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and relevant legal documents on the preparation and implementation of the PPP Projects;
  • Carry out the prioritization of PPP Project proposals and prepare the list of Prioritzed PPP  Projects;
  • Review and provide recommendation for approval of eligible  PPP project proposals;
  • Prepare guidelines for carrying out the financial analysis of PPP project proposals;
  • Review and ascertain the financial viability of the PPP project proposal;
  • Review and provide recommendations on the risk allocation of the PPP Project between the State and the Private Partner;
  • Prepare Guidelines on Risk Management and State Support Mechanisms (or known as the Government Support Measures);
  • Review and provide recommendations on the fiscal commitments and state support  for the PPP Project;
  • Review and provide recommendations on the PPP Contract and other PPP relevant  agreements;
  • Cooperate with Implementing Agencies (IAs) and other relevant institutions to review and monitor obligations and performance of the project implementation as stipulated in the PPP Contract;
  • Review and ensure the annual budget of IAs includes fiscal commitments and approved State Support under the framework of PPP projects;
  • Prepare an annual report on the update of fiscal commitments under the PPP contract, obligated to be fulfilled by the RGC;
  • Prepare budget, manage and operate the Project Development Facility (PDF) and Viability Gap Financing Facility (VGF); 
  • Provide support for the PPP project development and capacity building training related to project development and monitoring of the PPP Project implementation to the ministries and institutions of the RGC;
  • Prepare and manage the data system related to PPP Program and PPP Projects in Cambodia; and
  • Fulfill other tasks as instructed by the Management of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.


GDPPP has its own mission to promote, coordinate and manage projects by Public-Private Partnerships mechanism in an innovative and effective manners to contribute to supporting sustainability of long-term economic growth and increasing Cambodia's competitiveness.