Ministry of Economy and Finance

General Department of Public-Private Partnerships

PPP Framework

PPP Project Cycle in Cambodia

The PPP framework in Cambodia has a standard process for identifying, selecting, preparing, approving, procuring and implementing PPP projects.


  1. Project Identification: Implementing Agency shall identify potential projects for the preparation and implementation via the PPP mechanism.
  2. Project Selection: Implementing Agency with the intention to develop and implement projects through the PPP mechanism shall evaluate the potential and priority of the project prior to requesting the Ministry of Economy and Finance for review, selection, and approval of the project proposal as an Eligible Project, and to be included in the Priority PPP Project List. The project appraisal made by the Implementing Agency and project 8/23 selection by the Ministry of Economy and Finance shall be based on the criteria as stipulated in Article 9 of this Law.
  3. Project Preparation: Implementing Agency with the purview in its related sector of the eligible project shall manage the undertaking of the feasibility study of that project.
  4. Project Approval: If the Implementing Agency endorses the findings of the Feasibility Study, the Implementing Agency shall propose to the Ministry of Economy and Finance for review before proceeding further in accordance with the applicable procedures.
  5. Procurement Procedures: Following the Project Approval, the Implementing Agency shall conduct the procurement procedures as stipulated in Chapter VI of this Law for the selection of the candidates of the Private Partner to implement the PPP Project.
  6. PPP Contract Negotiation: Following the selection of the candidates of the Private Partner, Implementing Agency shall lead the Royal Government’s working group to negotiate terms and conditions of the draft PPP Contract.
  7. Approval of the Final Draft of the PPP Contract: After the conclusion of negotiation on the draft PPP Contract, Implementing Agency shall request to the Royal Government for approval on the final draft of the PPP Contract after the Ministry of Economy and Finance has provided its in-principle approval as stipulated in Point 2, Paragraph 1, Article 21 of this Law.
  8. Signing of the PPP Contract: Implementing Agency which has obtained the delegation of power in accordance with applicable laws and regulations as the representative of the State, and the selected Private Partner shall sign the PPP Contract and witnessed/counter-signed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
  9. Implementation and Management of the PPP Contract:
    The Private Partner shall be primarily responsible for the financing, detailed engineering design, selection of the contractors, construction, operations and/or maintenance in accordance with terms and conditions of the PPP Contract and pursuant to Chapter IX of this Law.
    - Implementing Agency shall manage, monitor and report on the performance of the implementation of the PPP Contract signed pursuant with Article 40 of this Law.