Ministry of Economy and Finance

Central Public-Private Partnerships Unit

PPP Framework

PPP Project Cycle in Cambodia

The PPP framework in Cambodia has a standard process for identifying, selecting, preparing, approving, procuring and implementing PPP projects.


  1. Project Identification. A potential project may be identified by an Implementing Agency to develop as a PPP Project.
  2. Project Selection.  After project identification, an Implementing Agency shall evaluate the project and propose it to the Competent Authority for selection and inclusion of the Eligible Project in the Priority PPP Project List. The Implementing Agency and Competent Authority shall apply criteria as specified in the Project Identification and Selection Guidelines to evaluate and decide which projects will be included in the Priority PPP Project List.
  3. Project Preparation.  After an Eligible Project is included in the Priority PPP Project List, the Implementing Agency with the appropriate mandate and/or competence in the relevant sector shall undertake or cause to be undertaken a Feasibility Study for that project. 
  4. Project Approval.  If, after completion of the Feasibility Study, an Implementing Agency seeks to develop a project as a PPP Project, it shall seek Project Approval from the Competent Authority and approval of State Support, if required, through the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
  5. Procurement.  Following Project Approval, the concerned Implementing Agency shall be responsible for carrying out procurement procedures for PPP Projects to select the candidates for the Private Partner who will implement the PPP Project.
  6. Negotiation of PPP Contract. Following selection of the candidates for Private Partner, the Government’s negotiating team, led by the Implementing Agency, shall negotiate the terms and conditions of the PPP Contract with a selected candidate for Private Partner.
  7. Approval of final negotiated PPP Contract. After completion of negotiation of the PPP Contract, the final negotiated contract shall be approved by the Competent Authority.
  8. Signing of the PPP Contract.  Upon the approval of the final negotiated contract by the Competent Authority, the PPP Contract will be signed by the Implementing Agency and the Private Partner, and witnessed/counter-signed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
  9. Financing, construction and operation of the Project.  The Private Partner shall be primarily responsible for the financing, engineering design, procurement of Contractors, construction, operation and maintenance to achieve the objectives of the Project in accordance with the terms of the PPP Contract.
  10. Contract management and monitoring.  The Implementing Agency shall administer and monitor the performance of PPP Contracts entered into by .